Scenes In Depth

Ikea 2013 Catalogue

I have been in Almhult Sweden in 2012, freelancing for Ikea ICOM and had a nice oppurtunity to work for the Ikea 2013 Catalogue together with a team of many great artists and nice friends. I would like to share with you some of the images I have worked on being a part of this nice team with all interior designers, graphic desginers, 3d artists, copywriters, re-touchers, art-directors and project leaders in Ikea ICOM.


Wish is my latest scene, that I was not able to write in  detail about it although I have published it on my portfolio few weeks ago. This personal project is a set of images to celebrate Christmas and New Year. I was too busy before holidays so couldn't manage to finish the project on time, and then during the holidays I spent time with my family instead of my pc. I was able to publish the scene in Mid-January.

I was inspired by some photos which I encountered on the Internet on various photography, design, and/or furniture blogs/sites. Unfortunately I made a mistake not to take note of the name of the site for each image as I save to my hard disk.
All rendered with Vray, with different lighting and render settings. The images each took about 30-45minutes to render. The tiles at the kitchen render are done with Mighty Tiles which is a very useful plugin if you need to make some realistic tiles. 
You can also see some wireframe images below.The fun part of the project was the texturing. I like painting textures in Photoshop a lot. It gives a certain freedom.

I wish everyone a happy 2013 full of happiness and time with your loved ones.


A space, a work corner I designed for my own. When I was designing this corner area, I made a fast 3D render just as a design aid to get a better picture.  Then I decided to add some more elements and turn it into a full 3d scene. Again I was playing with all the colored pencils and markers and felt pens. Both the real and the 3D corner evolved a little differently than the original concept but I like both. And my workstation is not an Apple but I do have colored pencils and markers on my desktop. I wish I had the Tolomeo ... But I discovered that modeling  furniture pieces I love gives me such pleasure  as having one at home or in the office :) Strange but true.


I presented the breakdown of this scene  during the State Of Art Academy Day 3 Conference in Venice in the beginnnig of October 2012.

You can find and download the slides which explain the production stages from modeling to texturing to lighting at State Of Art Academy site.

This is an imaginary photo-shoot space/studio I created and prepared for the display of bed products.It is a commissioned scene. I rendered some more cameras  to test my models I created with  Marvelous Designer and the different cloth shaders I created. I was experimenting with satin-silk, velvet & cotton cloth shaders and how they react to light.


I intended to make a nice morning light for this scene. 
I am very much interested in mythology and I was reading about Eos and come up with amazingly beautiful descriptions which inspired me a lot. Eos is the Goddess of Dawn and is called Aurora in Roman mythology. There are very sweet descriptions of her in Iliada, She is a rosy-fingered, saffron-robed and golden-throned goddess and she opens the gate of heavens for the sun to rise. She is the bringer of light and her tears are considered to have created the morning dew. I was very inspired with things I read and I wanted to create a rosy-fingered lighting and ambiance in this bedroom. It is a commercial scene so the bedcover and bed is nice and tidy.

The name of the scene comes from the word rosy-finger in ancient Greek rododaktilos but instead of daktilos I used half of the word finger and liked the sound of this new word.

I used Marvelous Designer to create realistic duvet , pillows and bed-linen both in close ups and futher away. I made many close-up renders to check how they look under different light directions and POV and even how they behave even with slight changes of the camera.


First of all, you can find the Making Of Story which explain the production stages for this scene under tutorials section.

This is a rather different scene for me with darker colors and materials as I usually work on bright scenes and I love to work with white. It was very fun to work with darker colors and materials as they help create a nice balance between dark and light and a nice feeling of contrast. Creating different light rigs is always very enjoyable as if the scene comes alive and you see how it looks like under different lighting conditions. I especially like the renders with the morning dawn, the renders with thefurniture peices in shallow DOF. I also want to mention that I like to work with wood materials very much. It  is a nice challenge for me to try render different types of wood. Another part I enjoyed making was creating the bookshelf full of books. Each book is placed manually and it was fun to see my bookcase getting full of books.


You can find the Making Of Story which explain the production stages for this scene under tutorials section.

This is a personal scene of a house I saw some time ago on the net. I forgot whose the architect is or name of the house. I thought I saved the image but somehow it is lost when switching between computers and hard disks.
So I made it as I remember.
Texturing was most fun during the project. I tried to create different, unique textures for each wood element. I enjoyed painting different textures in Photoshop.


The purpose of the rendering project is  to display the different colors and layout combinations of the sofa in an built-in interior environment. The apples are from Bertrand and the Artichoke Lamp is from model+model and the plants is from Evermotion.

By the way, I am so happy that I have my new workstation :D Intel i7 2600 3.40 GHz 16 GB RAM NVidia GeForce GTX 580 Without it, I wouldn't be able to make this project so fast.


light and textures 3

Recently modeled and textured this Lamino chair which I think has a very characteristic and stylish design with wood =) It has 2 versions, leather and sheep fur.  I am planning to render these chairs inside a building when I have some free time.

white on white

Again another studio setup from me. This time  this "white on white" !

I created this studio setup, trying to have a better understanding of the behaivor of Vraylights. It is amazing Apple keyboard, and the model is a courtesy of Ronen Bekerman forums - "Free Friday"   =)


I have been inspired from a movie I have watched and created this scene as an imaginary cinematic environment. It was a challenge for me to create this environment with smallest details with my slow workstation.

I used a lot of Particle Flow and different scattering techniques including manual painiting with Advanced Painter script.

When I have time, I would like to make some  partial renders showing the detail on ground.


Lights and Textures 2

Again working  on studio setups and  lighting!  It is a very nice way to get to know how CG lights work.

This is the Decode Lamp. It is real fun to model and texture nice design objects. It was a good texturing experience as well.

Lights and Textures 1

Studying on studio setup lighting and trying to mimic product photograhy. I am often amazed how images, photographs sometimes look better than the object itself in real so decided to study more about how light shapes objects in reality to create more appealing forms and compositions.

This is the Pancras chair which I have used in a former scene "My Bedroom Concept" and I really like the form and stype of this chair a lot. Making detailed textures and close-up renders is great fun for me. Actually I discover that I love texture painting a lot!


Bedroom Concept

This is a Bedroom Concept designed by me.  Chairs are Pancras Chair and Uriquala Chair. The wardrobe and the bed are my own designs. All the models are self-made.

I tried both curtains and blinds on windows and in some shots there is curtain and in some there are blinds instead. I flipped one of the shots just because I like it more that way :)


Classical Bedroom

This is an architectural visualisation of a classically decorated hotel room. It is the first time I am working on a classical interior and it was different and interesting to make different textures, shaders and models.


House1 | Architectural Visualisation

This is an architectural visualisation of a house for a sculptor and his wife. Grass is 3D geometry and I created this with the Particle Flow Method as I have created the pebble stones in Time Under Trees. After making a tutorial about creating these pebbles, many people requested me to make a tutorial for creating grass in a similar method. You can find my workflow and the tutorials under tutorials category.

Space For Meditation by Tadao Ando

Space For Meditation by architect Tadao Ando. Tadao Ando is one of my favorite architects. I love his unique way as he works with natural elements or material's own nature into his architecture. This was one of his very interesting buildings, A Space for Meditation.  It was built in 1995 in Paris- UNESCO complex for the 50th anniversary of United Nations. The ground stones are granitic stone after the atomic bomb in 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagazaki. I hope to visit this place one day, until that time, for now I enjoyed so much making this building in 3D =)


time under trees

I am glad to publish my latest my personal scene Time Under The Trees. I made these series of images to practice different seasonal and lighting conditions and how the environment reacts. My starting point was an Australian house: Toorak Residence but I have changed some architectural forms and some materials to fit my practice purpose. So it looks a bit different from this building now.

My target was to study how different lighting conditions change the mood of an image, how materials react to nature and seasons, how light shapes and defines our environment. So, I wanted to keep the same camera shot when things are changing. It was fun for me to work on this scene, and I have learned many new things while working on it.