I intended to make a nice morning light for this scene. 
I am very much interested in mythology and I was reading about Eos and come up with amazingly beautiful descriptions which inspired me a lot. Eos is the Goddess of Dawn and is called Aurora in Roman mythology. There are very sweet descriptions of her in Iliada, She is a rosy-fingered, saffron-robed and golden-throned goddess and she opens the gate of heavens for the sun to rise. She is the bringer of light and her tears are considered to have created the morning dew. I was very inspired with things I read and I wanted to create a rosy-fingered lighting and ambiance in this bedroom. It is a commercial scene so the bedcover and bed is nice and tidy.

The name of the scene comes from the word rosy-finger in ancient Greek rododaktilos but instead of daktilos I used half of the word finger and liked the sound of this new word.

I used Marvelous Designer to create realistic duvet , pillows and bed-linen both in close ups and futher away. I made many close-up renders to check how they look under different light directions and POV and even how they behave even with slight changes of the camera.