Wish is my latest scene, that I was not able to write in  detail about it although I have published it on my portfolio few weeks ago. This personal project is a set of images to celebrate Christmas and New Year. I was too busy before holidays so couldn't manage to finish the project on time, and then during the holidays I spent time with my family instead of my pc. I was able to publish the scene in Mid-January.

I was inspired by some photos which I encountered on the Internet on various photography, design, and/or furniture blogs/sites. Unfortunately I made a mistake not to take note of the name of the site for each image as I save to my hard disk.
All rendered with Vray, with different lighting and render settings. The images each took about 30-45minutes to render. The tiles at the kitchen render are done with Mighty Tiles which is a very useful plugin if you need to make some realistic tiles. 
You can also see some wireframe images below.The fun part of the project was the texturing. I like painting textures in Photoshop a lot. It gives a certain freedom.

I wish everyone a happy 2013 full of happiness and time with your loved ones.