Scripts On My AD3 Presentation 2: The Onion

During my presentation in AD3  in Venice on 04.10.2012, I introduced few scripts that I use frequently in my workflow. Many friends were very interested and asking me about these scripts so I decided to write about these useful tools on my blog as well.

The first tool was QuadChamfer wich you can find the related post here.

Second tool is the great Layer Manager by Blur Studios: The Onion

The Onion was originally created by David Humphres from Blur Studio and Paul Hormis from Hyperbolic Enterprises made it compatible with 3dsMax 9 and above and he is currently maintaining it.


It is a free tool which you can download from Hyperbolic Enterprises.
It is a great tool for managing your layers. I use a lot of layers for my architectural visualisation workflow and The Onion for me is the best way to work with layers. It is very easy to turn on/off, freeze,unfreeze layers with one click and nest and group layers. With just one click you can turn on/off grouped layers and easily select contents of a layer or move selected objects from one layer to another.

I can't think of my day without The Onion and I would like to thank both Blur Studios and Hyperbolic Enterprises for this tool very much.
Here is the quick help for you to find your way around:

  • Click For Toggles of Layer Properties
  • Shift+Click to Select Contents of Layer
  • Ctrl+Click For Extended Menu
  • Alt+Click To Add Selected Objects To Layer
  • Right Click for Toggles Of Layer Groups