State Of Art Academy Day 3: There is a teapot inside all of us!

I was in Venice on last weekend and had great time attending State Of Art Academy Day3 as one of the guest speakers with Peter Guthrie, Adam Hotovy, Tomek Miksa and Ronen Bekerman.  I felt very happy to meet a lot of friends in real after being friends online for long time. And it was very fun to make new friends of course !  Days in Venice was like 3D Heaven  where there are a lot of artists from all over the world.  And everyone is talking about 3D. There was so much to share with each other,  and ask  each other and conversation never stops.

Another very interesting thing was to watch different workflows and approaches from different artists and how everyone has his/her own way. It was nice to watch how our works and workflows become distinguishable with the personal ways and styles.

I liked so much to be in Venice and our dear friends from State Of Art, Gianpiero Monopoli, Roberto De Rose, Manuela Grandesso and Riccardo made us feel at home with the sweet smiles and all their welcome and care.

And last but not the least, I love all the pasta and pizza and spritz and wine. Now looking forward to AD4 and already counting days down.