Managing Dual Monitors

Since a few days I am feeling excited that I will be able to use dual monitors. My second monitor  doesn't have great quality in contrast and color depth- in fact it is a cheap monitor but it is great to be able to move all the secondary windows to this while working. In fact it feels a bit dizzy and confusing at the beginning because hardest part is that there is no taskbar on the second monitor due to the windows 7 limitation. So I made some search and discovered very nice tools and thought it would be useful to share all these with you who are new to using dual monitors like me.

Windows Shorcuts :
If you are like me and like to use many shortcuts and hotkeys from keyboard instead of mouse, then you will love these windows system shortcuts which are very handy.

Restore / Minimize
Snap to left
Snap to right
Jump to left monitor
Jump to right monitor
Minimize / Restore all other windows
MultiMon Taskbar :


This is a great freeware program that adds a taskbar in the second (even 3rd, 4th etc) monitor. You can download it from :

It is very handy to have the taskbar on your secondary monitor so that you don't have to go back to your primary monitor any time you want to make something with the taskbar and saves great time.

Winsplit :


Again another freeware program to let you organise your windows with keyboard shortcuts. I installed it and I like how it works very much. You can download it from:

Here there are two little videos about how to use the tool :

And they work with the dialog boxes, material editor and unwrap windows as well !Dual Monitor Management Software Comparison
There are other commercial solutions which are combined with very detailed features such as Ultramon & Actual Multiple Monitors but at the moment I decided to use the freware ones.

Here you can find a detailed comparison analysis of tools for dual monitor management: