VFB history window

I have prepared a mini tutorial about how to activate the VFB History Window. This is a very useful but hidden feature of VRAY and it is one of my favorite tools.

It is a very handy feature to have your render history -Very easy to switch between previous renders with one click, and no need to save them them as a file, give seperate file names, open in an image viewer anymore! You can view all your previous renders with the 32bit VFB. To activate this feature, you need to create an environment variable:

1. Right click on MyComputer. Go to Advanced Tab. Click on the  "Environment Variables" button at bottom of the window.

2.  Click on "New"

3.  Make a new Environment Variable as shown in the image:

Now when you start max and render into VrayFrameBuffer, on the right bottom of VFB window , you will see a new button which opens and close the history window. 

You will be asked  to assign a temp path in your first usage. And this is all :) From now on, you can compare your renders by clicking on the thumbnails in your VFB History.