Lecturer At Venice University


I was a guest instructor at University of Venice (IUAV) , a breathtaking experience with brilliant people. I missed my university days again but this time I was on the other side, lecturing to master degree architecture students. The lecture was about Advanced Vray Materials and Shader Techniques, 2 days, 16 hours of lecture on some techniques for building complex shaders.

Snow Haven International Interior Design Contest For Students


Alberto Mera from Interior Deck team contacted me and informed me about INTERIORDECK INTERNATIONAL STUDENT DESIGN CONTEST, which I would like to share with you on my blog.

It is an bi-annual contest for interior design and architecture students. At the beginning of every semester, a project  which could be a house, a restaurant, an office, etc. is presented and the participants are asked to design the interiors. The projects are always fictional; and a series of requirements should be fulfilled.  For every contest there is  a professional jury based on the country  the project takes place.

The current contest is called Snow Haven. The project to be designed is a house placed in the Aran Valley (Vall d’Aran), in the Catalan region, surrounded by 3,000-metres peaks and more than 200 lakes.

For further details of the project, contest and the prize and jury, you can visit

State Of Art Academy Day 3: There is a teapot inside all of us!

I was in Venice on last weekend and had great time attending State Of Art Academy Day3 as one of the guest speakers with Peter Guthrie, Adam Hotovy, Tomek Miksa and Ronen Bekerman.  I felt very happy to meet a lot of friends in real after being friends online for long time. And it was very fun to make new friends of course !  Days in Venice was like 3D Heaven  where there are a lot of artists from all over the world.  And everyone is talking about 3D. There was so much to share with each other,  and ask  each other and conversation never stops.

Another very interesting thing was to watch different workflows and approaches from different artists and how everyone has his/her own way. It was nice to watch how our works and workflows become distinguishable with the personal ways and styles.

I liked so much to be in Venice and our dear friends from State Of Art, Gianpiero Monopoli, Roberto De Rose, Manuela Grandesso and Riccardo made us feel at home with the sweet smiles and all their welcome and care.

And last but not the least, I love all the pasta and pizza and spritz and wine. Now looking forward to AD4 and already counting days down.


Guest Speaker At State Of Art Academy Day 3 2012

I am very happy to be taking  part as one of the speakers in this year's Sate Of Art AcademyDay3  in Venice accompanied with other talented CG artists I have always admired. I am very exciting that I will be meeting a lot of CG artists-friends there and get to know each other.


First Prize In Arch-Factory Product Rendering Competition


Today I wake up into a great news that I have got the 1st prize in Arch-Factory's Product Rendering Competition:
Doing The Assembly Line Work.


The competition goal was to make photo-realistic product shot renders. My Decode Lamp renders made the 1st place. I feel very happy to hear this as the first thing of the day and I would like to thank  Arch-Factory site and the jury for giving me this chance.

My Portfolio Featured On Front Page On Official Autodesk Site

Something happy happened today and I found that my I appear on the front page of the official Autodesk Area Site as a featured Artist. This is great honor for me to to be featured on the main page of  the developers of 3DSMax and to share the front page with  great talents and great innovations in CG World.  

Unfortunately there is a restriction on the quantity of images to be displayed in portfolio so I had to remove some older works for the news ones to appear.

Featured Work On Official Autodesk 3dsmax 2012 Online Help Menu Documentation

My renders has been featured on the official online help documentation of 3DSMax Design 2012 at Autodesk Site.

Autodesk 3DSMax 2012 Online Help Introduction

If you are using 3ds Max 2012 Design, now you can see my works when you click the Tutorials link on the Help Menu of your  interface, this link will take you to the online help files introduction page, where you can see one of my renders.

Here is the official 3dsMax 2012 Online Help page where you can see my works:

You can also see more of my scenes at the "Where To Find Tutorials" and "Showcase" sections under Contents.

Autodesk 3DSMax 2012 Online Help Tutorials

Archipelago Feature In Ceiga Magazine

I feel happy to see my scene Archipelago has been published on the curent issue of the Ceiga Magazine,  under the Natural World Title.

Ceiga Magazine is a montly online magazine that displays works from digital artists. The current issue is the 4th issue of the magazine which focuses on works of CG Artists from all over the world. Every month you can see a different collection of works.

If you want to see Archipelago featured, you must browse to the 4th issue of the magazine. It is underthe "Natural World Section". You can view other impressive works from many different artists as well.


Structures by Michael Hansmeyer


I encountered these very intesting page: Michael Hansmeyer and his cardboard structures which are created using an subdivison algorithm.

Michael Hansmeyer  is both an architect and a programmer. On his site, there are more of his amazing works, creating a very unique atmosphere reminding me of both history and highly futuristic environements.

Please check out the site to see more of this   this architect /programmer's amazing works :

2010 CGArchitect Annual 3D Awards

My works have been shortlisted one of the top 5 for the 2010 3D Awards by CGArchitect.

Every year, the CGArchitect, a very popular site for 3D visualisers,  gives Annual Best Visualisation Awards. The contest is open to anyone and over 2000 visualisation artists from different countries all over the world,   send their renders to be evaluated. The jury evaluates all the works and short-lists the top 5 , which is one of my renders.