Guest Speaker At State Of Art Academy Day 3 2012

I am very happy to be taking  part as one of the speakers in this year's Sate Of Art AcademyDay3  in Venice accompanied with other talented CG artists I have always admired. I am very exciting that I will be meeting a lot of CG artists-friends there and get to know each other.


First Prize In Arch-Factory Product Rendering Competition


Today I wake up into a great news that I have got the 1st prize in Arch-Factory's Product Rendering Competition:
Doing The Assembly Line Work.


The competition goal was to make photo-realistic product shot renders. My Decode Lamp renders made the 1st place. I feel very happy to hear this as the first thing of the day and I would like to thank  Arch-Factory site and the jury for giving me this chance.

Managing Dual Monitors

Since a few days I am feeling excited that I will be able to use dual monitors. My second monitor  doesn't have great quality in contrast and color depth- in fact it is a cheap monitor but it is great to be able to move all the secondary windows to this while working. In fact it feels a bit dizzy and confusing at the beginning because hardest part is that there is no taskbar on the second monitor due to the windows 7 limitation. So I made some search and discovered very nice tools and thought it would be useful to share all these with you who are new to using dual monitors like me.

Windows Shorcuts :
If you are like me and like to use many shortcuts and hotkeys from keyboard instead of mouse, then you will love these windows system shortcuts which are very handy.

Restore / Minimize
Snap to left
Snap to right
Jump to left monitor
Jump to right monitor
Minimize / Restore all other windows
MultiMon Taskbar :


This is a great freeware program that adds a taskbar in the second (even 3rd, 4th etc) monitor. You can download it from :

It is very handy to have the taskbar on your secondary monitor so that you don't have to go back to your primary monitor any time you want to make something with the taskbar and saves great time.

Winsplit :


Again another freeware program to let you organise your windows with keyboard shortcuts. I installed it and I like how it works very much. You can download it from:

Here there are two little videos about how to use the tool :

And they work with the dialog boxes, material editor and unwrap windows as well !Dual Monitor Management Software Comparison
There are other commercial solutions which are combined with very detailed features such as Ultramon & Actual Multiple Monitors but at the moment I decided to use the freware ones.

Here you can find a detailed comparison analysis of tools for dual monitor management:

Vray Lens Effects

Vray Lens Effects is a new tool in Vray 2.0. Last week I had time to test this new feature on my Rosso Scene night view and to share my experiments with you, I prepared one tutorial to be published on  my friend Matt Guetta's blog. The tutorial is English - only the introduction is in French. Here is the link for the tutorial:



First of all, you can find the Making Of Story which explain the production stages for this scene under tutorials section.

This is a rather different scene for me with darker colors and materials as I usually work on bright scenes and I love to work with white. It was very fun to work with darker colors and materials as they help create a nice balance between dark and light and a nice feeling of contrast. Creating different light rigs is always very enjoyable as if the scene comes alive and you see how it looks like under different lighting conditions. I especially like the renders with the morning dawn, the renders with thefurniture peices in shallow DOF. I also want to mention that I like to work with wood materials very much. It  is a nice challenge for me to try render different types of wood. Another part I enjoyed making was creating the bookshelf full of books. Each book is placed manually and it was fun to see my bookcase getting full of books.


You can find the Making Of Story which explain the production stages for this scene under tutorials section.

This is a personal scene of a house I saw some time ago on the net. I forgot whose the architect is or name of the house. I thought I saved the image but somehow it is lost when switching between computers and hard disks.
So I made it as I remember.
Texturing was most fun during the project. I tried to create different, unique textures for each wood element. I enjoyed painting different textures in Photoshop.


My Portfolio Featured On Front Page On Official Autodesk Site

Something happy happened today and I found that my I appear on the front page of the official Autodesk Area Site as a featured Artist. This is great honor for me to to be featured on the main page of  the developers of 3DSMax and to share the front page with  great talents and great innovations in CG World.  

Unfortunately there is a restriction on the quantity of images to be displayed in portfolio so I had to remove some older works for the news ones to appear.


The purpose of the rendering project is  to display the different colors and layout combinations of the sofa in an built-in interior environment. The apples are from Bertrand and the Artichoke Lamp is from model+model and the plants is from Evermotion.

By the way, I am so happy that I have my new workstation :D Intel i7 2600 3.40 GHz 16 GB RAM NVidia GeForce GTX 580 Without it, I wouldn't be able to make this project so fast.


Featured Work On Official Autodesk 3dsmax 2012 Online Help Menu Documentation

My renders has been featured on the official online help documentation of 3DSMax Design 2012 at Autodesk Site.

Autodesk 3DSMax 2012 Online Help Introduction

If you are using 3ds Max 2012 Design, now you can see my works when you click the Tutorials link on the Help Menu of your  interface, this link will take you to the online help files introduction page, where you can see one of my renders.

Here is the official 3dsMax 2012 Online Help page where you can see my works:

You can also see more of my scenes at the "Where To Find Tutorials" and "Showcase" sections under Contents.

Autodesk 3DSMax 2012 Online Help Tutorials

Archipelago Feature In Ceiga Magazine

I feel happy to see my scene Archipelago has been published on the curent issue of the Ceiga Magazine,  under the Natural World Title.

Ceiga Magazine is a montly online magazine that displays works from digital artists. The current issue is the 4th issue of the magazine which focuses on works of CG Artists from all over the world. Every month you can see a different collection of works.

If you want to see Archipelago featured, you must browse to the 4th issue of the magazine. It is underthe "Natural World Section". You can view other impressive works from many different artists as well.