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Tool For Fix After Collapsing Isoline Display Turbosmooth

When I was modeling a sofa the other day, I collapsed one of the meshes which has a Turbosmooth modifier in Isoline Display. In fact, I didn't notice until this time that there is a bug and I didn't even notice the buggy result at that moment. Probably I was in edge mode and when I noticed the outcome pretty later that it was too late to undo.

So here is how the problem was looking:


As you can see, the new edgeloops are not there but only the vertices.
It is a very easy fix with a simple box model, but I had a complex mesh which was really hard to fix and which would take a lot of time I was very lucky to find this script which saved my day:

Vertex Killer by Mauricio B. Gehling
This tool will remove any SELECTED vertices that are shared by ONLY and EXACTLY 2 edges.
I thought it would be very useful to share this in case if anyone collapse the Turbosmooth in isoline display.